SOMATOM Perspective


SOMATOM Perspective X射线计算机体层摄影设备
SOMATOM Perspective



扩展临床应用 提升经济效益 

SOMATOM Perspective采用西门子一流的技术,集全球研发力量一流的智慧,在保证临床需求的同时改善患者护理,提高工作效率和提升经济效益。西门子创新性技术和设计为高端CT成像领域打开一扇新的大门,为您和您的患者带来焕然一新的体验。 

SOMATOM Perspective CT系统包括以下组件:
- 扫描架
- 检查床
- 图像重建系统、图像控制系统
- 控制台显示器、控制盒、电缆连接盒
- 不间断电源
- 选配件及软件

SOMATOM Perspective CT产品特点:
· 低剂量平台:根据病人的解剖结构调整x线球管电流以优化扫描剂量
· 单源能谱平台:金属去伪影,痛风结晶成像,能谱曲线肿瘤同源性分析
· 贴好电极片的自动心脏扫描:最佳相位功能可以预测图像重建的最佳相位,减少失败的重建任务数量,从而加速工作流程。




Manage your financial performance.
SOMATOM Perspective, with its unique eMode, is the first scanner on the market to deliver medically superior performance while also considering your business perspectives.

Widen your clinical portfolio.
Innovative Siemens technology and design open doors for new business in high-end CT imaging, with more applications, and a better perspective for your patients and your daily routine.

Ease your working day.
SOMATOM Perspective keeps your clinical needs in view, by enhancing usability and productivity, delivering workflow excellence, improving overall results and increasing efficiency.

The unique eMode allows you to operate the scanner in the most patient-friendly and financially-efficient way – with one click

Illumination Moodlight
Illumination Moodlight, the most evident design element of the SOMATOM Perspective, creates a comfortable environment and can easily be adjusted to personal preferences.