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自 21 世纪伊始,中国已成为西门子医疗的全球最大的市场。凭借优越的地理位置和中国的改革开放政策,深圳已成为综合经济实力名列前茅的中国大型城市。这座城市包容的环境、创新的氛围、完善的产业支持、高效的政府服务以及丰富的人才资源,吸引了众多像西门子医疗这样的跨国企业前来投资发展。

China has become the largest market for Siemens Healthineers since the beginning of 21st century. The city of Shenzhen, which has an advantageous geographic location and has benefited from China's economic reform, has been ranked as mainland China's top city for overall economic competitiveness. Its inclusive environment, innovative approach, comprehensive supplier infrastructure, high governmental efficiency, abundant well-qualified human resources make Shenzhen highly attractive to companies like Siemens Healthineers.

2002 年,西门子(深圳)磁共振有限公司 (SSMR) 作为西门子医疗的合资公司,开始植根于深圳高新区。2011 年,SSMR 成为西门子医疗的全资子公司。

Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd. (SSMR) initially took root in the Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park in 2002 as a joint venture with Siemens Healthineers. In 2011, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens Healthineers.

2013 年,西门子医疗加大了在深圳的投资力度,在原有的磁共振业务基础上,增加了 AT( 临床治疗)和ME (医疗电子)两大业务。SSMR的建筑面积约 4.6 万平方米,员工总人数约 1000 人,其中研发人数超过总人数的 20%。SSMR 已成为西门子医疗全球最大的研发和生产基地之一。

From 2013, SSMR developed significantly with more investment from Siemens Healthineers. It brought the three Business Areas of MR (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), AT (Advanced Therapies), and ME (Medical Electronics) together under one roof, occupying the construction area of about 46,000 square meters. There are around 1,000 employees at SSMR and our Research and Development team accounts for more than one fifth of the total headcount. SSMR is one of the largest developing and manufacturing centers of Siemens Healthineers worldwide.

基于“在中国扎根,为全球智造”的发展战略,SSMR 已在中国建立了一条完整的产业价值链。自 2002 年起,SSMR 已向全球100 多个国家和地区的客户交付了近 6000 台磁共振及血管造影系统,每年业务量呈两位数增长。

Under the strategy of“Rooted in China, creating for the world," SSMR has established a full industrial value chain in China and offers a wide range of innovative MRI and AT solutions to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Since 2002, SSMR has delivered more than 6,000 products to global customers, achieving double-digit business growth every year.





SSMR 是西门子医疗在德国总部之外最大的研发和生产基地,拥有整机研发和生产实力。SSMR 的产品约 70% 出口至国外客户。SSMR 几乎承担了除 7T 之外的全线西门子医疗磁共振产品的生产,包括两款高端3T BioMatrix 系统 MAGNETOM Vida 和 MAGNETOM Lumina。SSMR 的产品荣获众多世界级设计大奖,包括 iF 工业设计大奖、红点设计大奖、德国设计大奖和红星设计大奖等。

SSMR is the biggest research and manufacturing center of Siemens Healthineers outside Germany. SSMR has the full capacity for development and manufacturing entire MR systems and key components that meet the global quality standards of Siemens Healthineers. Around 70% of SSMRs products are exported to overseas customers. SSMR produces almost the entire portfolio of global available MRI systems from Siemens Healthineers, including the high-end 3T BioMatrix scanners, MAGNETOM Vida and MAGNETOM Lumina. Thanks to their innovative design, many systems from SSMR have won world-class design awards. These include the iF Award, the Red Dot Award, the German Design Award and the Star Award.



SSMR AT是在德国弗希海姆 (Forchheim) AT总部之外全球唯一的整机研发和生产基地。在研发人员的共同努力下,AT事业部已获得多项技术专利。SSMR AT与德国AT总部密切合作,不但肩负着研发和生产西门子医疗Artis系列血管造影系统新产品的任务,同时也是西门子医疗临床治疗系统全球市场特别是快速发展的新兴市场的重要基地。


SSMR AT is the only global angiography system R&D and Manufacturing center outside AT headquarters located in Forchheim in Germany. With the joint efforts of R&D force, SSMR AT has acquired several technical patents. Not only taking the mission of developing and manufacturing the new Artis series’ angiography systems, SSMR AT is also an important global base of Siemens Healthineers AT, especially the emerging markets.

ME (医疗器械零部件)事业部

ME (医疗器械零部件)事业部

SSMR ME 在医疗电子部件及子系统设计、开发、工业化和生产方面具备雄厚的实力和丰富的经验。不仅为磁共振和血管造影产品提供主要部件,而且还为西门子医疗全球的所有业务领域提供子部件级的创新设计和高质量的生产支持。我们在电子技术上持续创新,助力西门子医疗的各项业务实现卓越发展。

ME (医疗器械零部件)事业部

At SSMR ME, we have extensive skills and experience in the design, development, industrialization, and manufacturing of medical electronic components and subsystems: Not only for MR and AT products, but also for all Business Areas of Siemens Healthineers. Continuous innovation in electronics technology supports the success of our Business Lines in the market.


研发实力 R&D Power

SSMR 基于西门子医疗磁共振领先的研发体系、统一的发展战略和运作流程,包括敏捷开发、精益管理等, 自主设计和开发产品。通过与德国总部密切合作,致力于为医疗服务提供者和广大患者持续提供创新的核心技术。研发团队精英荟萃,占 SSMR 总人数的五分之一,其中 70% 以上具备硕士或博士学位。迄今为止, SSMR 已获得国内外授权的200多项专利。
Based on the leading research and development system of Siemens Healthineers, SSMR designs and develops its products using strategies and processes such as agile development and lean management. By working closely with the headquarters in Germany, SSMR is continuously pushing forward innovations in core technologies for healthcare providers and patients. Our R&D team is composed of excellent, talented individuals and accounts for one fifth of the total headcount of SSMR. More than 70 percent of the team has a master’s degree or a PhD. SSMR currently owns more than 200 patents certified by China and overseas authorities.



SSMR 拥有软件开发和临床应用开发的专业团队。 我们努力推动影像数字化转变的进程,以客户为中心进行创新,更好地关爱患者,解决实际问题。我们的磁共振和血管造影系统技术提供优异的图像质量、效率和速度。
SSMR has strong teams dedicated to developing software and clinical applications. We drive the digital transformation in imaging and create patient-centric innovations that solve real-life problems for better patient care. Our MRI and AT technologies provide exceptional image quality, efficiency, and speed.



Designing every component to the finest detail from the perspective of users and patients is the fundamental principle for developing medical products of outstanding quality. Key components of our medical systems developed by SSMR include.


领先的 MR 磁体设计  

Professional R&D experts deliver world-class magnet design at SSMR.

杰出的 MR 梯度系统

Superior gradient linearity enables imaging with high accuracy.

R&amp;D 图片3<br />

强大的 MR 射频系统

由全球射频研发团队共同开发的最新 BioMatrix 技术利用人体自身的生物特性,为患者提供稳定连续的磁共振影像
The latest BioMatrix technology developed by the global RF development team addresses patients' intrinsic bio-variability and provides consistent MR imaging for every patient.


Smart multi-axis movement design supports routine and difficult clinical procedures.

R&amp;D 图片5


Advanced safety motion control delivers high accuracy and automatic collision avoidance.


供应量管理体系 Supply Chain Management System

SSMR 从供应商管理、物流管理到生产工艺和生产各环节的控制,再到品质检验、现场安装等环节,均严格执行西门子医疗全球统一的供应链管理制度和流程,确保整个供应链高效运行。

Throughout the entire supply chain – from supplier and logistics management to production engineering and production processes and quality control and installation processes – SSMR strictly implements the global SCM regulation and processes for highly efficient production from Siemens Healthineers.


Lean and digitalized production engineering

>为持续提升生产力,SSMR 将先进的精益管理理念和数字化设备融入整个生产流程中。
>严格执行德国品质标准, 确保为全球客户提供世界一流的产品品质。


Highly efficient logistics management



Sustainable development of supplier management



Professional local installation team

>专注服务中国市场,承担除 7T 外几乎全部西门子医疗的磁共振产品以及血管造影系统在中国的装机业务

质量是我们的 DNA。SSMR 以客户需求为中心,全面贯彻西门子医疗全球统一的质量管理标准,已获得 ISO9001 和 ISO3485 等国际质量体系证书。
Quality is in our DNA. Focusing on customers’ needs, SSMR comprehensively implements the quality management standards and has been certificated according to international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

同时,公司按照中国医疗器械监督管理条例、欧盟医疗器械指令、美国质量体系法规 21 CFR 820、加拿大医疗器械法规和日本药事法等重要国际监管法规要求制定了严格的质量管理体系。此外,SSMR 的所有产品均获得 CE 认证以及全球各主要国家主管当局的批准,包括 FDA 认证和北美 CSA 安规认证,进入全球市场销售。
In addition, SSMR has established a strict quality management system in accordance with global regulations including State Council No. 680 (China), the European Medical Devices Directive (MDD), the USA Quality System Regulation (21 CFR 820 QSR), the Canadian medical device regulations, and Japan's MHLW Ministerial Ordinance No. 169. Moreover, our products are CE marked and have obtained approvals issued by authorities in multiple countries, such as FDA clearance and Health Canada medical device licenses.

供应链与质量控制5<br />

全球 MR 总部支持中心 (HSC) 分别设立于中国深圳、德国埃尔朗根和英国牛津。通过全球客户服务管理平台 (GSMS) 共同为全球售后团队提供疑难问题的技术支持和咨询服务。

By using the Global Service Management System (GSMS), the Headquarters Support Center (HSC) in Shenzhen, China, provides alongside the HSCs in Erlangen (Germany) and Oxford (UK), technical support for global after-sales teams, in order to
meet unique technical challenges.

Highly skilled technology experts

>为全球 MR 维修工程师提供无间断的全方位技术支持
Continuous, comprehensive technical support for global MR customer service engineer

Close collaboration between expert teams in China, Germany, and the UK for rapid resolution
of technical problems and customer queries


Sportklinik Bad Nauheim, Germany

Kajikawa Hospital, Hiroshima, Japan

Peking University Hospital, Shenzhen

印度金奈Saravana Scans
Saravana Scans, Chennai, India

Island Hospital, Penang, Malaysia

英国格拉摩根郡Royal Bournemouth医院
Royal Bournemouth Hospital, UK

Saarland University Medical Center, Homburg/Saar, Germany

University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium

Professor Yin Hong, Xijing Hospital, China

印度金奈Aarthi Scans
Aarthi Scans, Chennai, India

Delivery of the 2015th MAGNETOM ESSENZA


 西门子医疗(深圳)客户体验中心 Experience Center Shenzhen

西门子医疗(深圳)客户体验中心于 2020 年 1 月正式开放,为客户提供了全新的体验之旅。在这里, 客户不仅可以直接探索最新的科技和应用,而且可以一站式体验西门子医疗的产品展示。
Opened in January 2020, Siemens Healthineers Experience Center Shenzhen provides an exciting opportunity for our customers to discover the latest technologies and their application at first hand in our showroom. Our guests can experience exhibits from the portfolio of Siemens Healthineers under one roof.

客户体验中心多维度地展现了西门子医疗的全貌,包括从 1847 年起西门子发展的重要里程碑,SSMR 的发展历程, 磁共振和血管造影系统及创新技术,尤其是虚拟现实体验和数字双胞胎展示,让客户领略数字医疗的未来概念与无穷魅力。
The Experience Center shows various aspects of Siemens Healthineers, including the milestones of Siemens history from 1847, the development of the SSMR facility, and MR and AT products and innovative technologies. Our Digital Twin and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences also offer a fascinating insight into the future.


First impression at the entrance


Digital demonstration area

Artis one 系统操作演示

Artis one 系统操作演示
Artis one system demonstration


MAGNETOM Sempra 系统的现场扫描或远程扫描
MAGNETOM Sempra for live and remote scanning


虚拟现实 (VR) 体验
Virtual Reality Experience

数字双胞胎展示<br />Digital Twin Experience

Digital Twin Experience

热烈欢迎各界贵宾莅临西门子(深圳)磁共振有限公司,深入了解西门子医疗产品的人性化设计、创新技术先进管理流程及精湛工艺。 参观访问等事宜,请咨询当地的西门子医疗销售人员。 

Warmly welcome you to SSMR to explore the life design and innovative technology of Siemens Healthcare products. Please contact your local sales of Siemens Healthcare about your visit inquiry to SSMR.




SSMR 作为西门子MR 全球三大培训基地之一(另外两个分别设在德国和美国),面向西门子客户服务工程师及临床应用专家定期开设各种培训课程,并支持部分国家团队开展MR 用户培训。



年培训时超过300 天。


Global training center

As one of Siemens Healthineers MR's global training centers (the other two are located in Germany and the U. S. A. ), SSMR regularly offers a range of training courses for Siemens Healthineers service engineers and application specialists all over the world and supports regional teams for MR user training.

The training center is staffed by professional and experienced training instructors.

Various training courses on technologies and applications of Siemens Healthineers MR products.

More than 300 days per year.